Muslim Travel

A booking website for a yearly pilgrimage

Muslim Travel Hajj presented a unique problem of bringing a, typically, inaccessible trip to as many people as possible.

About Muslim Travel

The company’s management has distinguished itself for many years with Hajj and Umrah services. They’ve been working in the Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf in the service of pilgrims in Jordan and Palestine since 1986.

The number of pilgrims Muslim Travel has reached is over 3,160, with distinguished services maintaining a five star quality the entire way.



TIMELINE: 2021 – Ongoing


Years of Experience


Hajj Trips Completed


Umrah Trips Completed

The goal

To create a simple online portal allowing users to book full travel plans

Nixie Tech created a custom landing page and an accessible breakdown of the complex travel process 

What we did:

The Results

Over 10,000 unique visitors, and hundreds of travel plans booked

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