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Web development solutions for anyone.

At Nixie Tech, we walk hand-in-hand with our clients in order to take their brand as far as we possibly can. The question is, can you stand with us?


We create online platforms tailored to fit every aspect of your business.


Website Development

Development of any scale with continuous support after completion.

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Design & Brainstorming

Creating a digital solution to extend your brand to the digital space.


SEO & Implementation

Reaching your audience and closing the gap as consistently as possible.

A platform for students to earn an education

The United Holy Land Fund is one of the largest non-profits providing scholarships for students who can’t afford college in Palestine – this is how we built their app.

A booking website for a yearly pilgrimage

Muslim Travel Hajj presented a unique problem of bringing a, typically, inaccessible trip to as many people as possible.

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A front-end design made to draw attention

When approached by Asala Designs we had to create a website focused on design for a company the specialized in it.

The leading security company in Illinois

Security DVR provides the security tools for thousands of businesses and we were tasked with showcasing their skills

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