We run a tight ship. Our process consists of three steps which start whereever you may be in your project, and leads you through the sea with constant updates, a status checking tool, and unlimited revisions. We've made it too easy to do it right

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Step I

Planning and Brainstorming

The first, and most important step in the entire process is the brainstorm. We first secure you a meeting with one of our representatives, who will listen to whatever you may want and even present you with options that you might've not even realized. They take you step by step through everything we will be doing, and they ensure that you are heard and understood. After the first draft of the ideas and plans is secured, we move on to the next step. Any changes you may want to make after this stage are completely fine, this is merely to get a general idea of what we're working with. Nothing is obligatory.

Step II

Drafting and Development

After we've got a general understanding of what we are going to do, we immediatley begin work on the first few drafts of your logos, designs, website, and anything else you may have requested. We also do any development on the functions and process of the complex functions you may need in your project. The most important part here is the constant communication we have with your side of the relationship. You will never be in the dark as to what is happening with your project. We pride ourselves in the transparency in our work ethic.

Step III

Implementation and Testing

After the development is complete and all the factors of your project have been finalized, we then begin the implementation process. This is where the media and marketing aspect of the work come into play because we then begin to show the public all the work we've done together. Your website, brand, and advertising begin to shine at this time in particular. On top of that, during this step is when any potential testing is done on your app and website. Any revisions and changes that need to be made to the project will be made at this time. Throughout the duration of the project we are extremeley lenient with the ability to change it at any time in the process.

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